• Faith Driven Entertainment™ is a new venture offering unparalleled expertise and access to tens of millions of Faith Driven Consumers.

  • Faith Driven Entertainment™ takes your brand to the next level – delivering even greater success using insight-driven results to reach this key audience that spends more than $2 trillion annually.

  • The Faith Driven Consumer™ segment is highly distinct from the broader Christian market and is particularly interested in supporting brands and causes that resonate with their deeply held worldview.

  • More than 40 million Faith Driven Consumers – one out of every six American adults – are actively seeking relationships with brands willing to welcome them and satisfy their differentiated needs, wants and preferences.

  • 64 percent of America’s Faith Driven Consumers—a community that spends $2 trillion annually—are actively seeking to spend their hard-earned dollars with brands that welcome them and respect their biblical worldview.

  • The Faith Driven Consumer™ market segment comprises more than 40 million Americans—17% of the US population. It’s comparable in size with the Hispanic segment, yet spends 50% more annually.


  • 80% of Faith Driven Consumers are likely to see a movie that explores questions about God.

  • 61% of Faith Driven Consumers strongly believe that the biblical accuracy of the story is important when deciding whether to see a movie that explores questions about God.

  • 66% of Faith Driven Consumers saw THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and nearly half of all who saw it gave it a 5-star rating.

  • 65% of Faith Driven Consumers would invite a non-Christian friend to see a movie that explores questions about God


  • Today’s tribalization of the American marketplace presents new opportunities for brands to successfully introduce entertainment products that highly resonate with specific consumer segments. And as Hollywood’s self-proclaimed “Year of the Bible Movie” continues to roll out, it’s clear that faith-driven entertainment products are doing just that – resonating with audiences like never before.

    Faith Driven Entertainment™ – which leverages its active, one-of-a-kind, opted-in community of tens of millions of Faith Driven Consumers nationwide – offers unique expertise and an unparalleled suite of solutions for entertainment brands marketing faith-compatible and family-friendly products. Here, the fusion of big data with precision-targeted community engagement comes to life and motivates today’s audiences with products that they value.

  • With an impressive track record of success, Faith Driven Entertainment™ connects entertainment brands and products with Faith Driven Consumers nationwide. We sport a recognized record of success in marketing, communications, fulfillment, fundraising, brand strategy, event management, community building and engagement specifically supporting the needs of faith audiences.

    In short, Faith Driven Entertainment™ is the premier channel to introduce faith-compatible products to tens of millions of Faith Driven Consumers—an ever-expanding community that has been actively purchasing movies, TV shows, books, music, and other faith compatible products since 1985. The rapid recognition of the Faith Driven Consumer™ community along with the corresponding growth in new products for this and the broader Christian audience has created the high demand for our services.

    Our track record of success includes such notable projects as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, SON OF GOD, GOD’S NOT DEAD, The Bible miniseries, THE CHRONICLES of NARNIA films, THE NATIVITY STORY, LETTERS TO GOD, THE BLIND SIDE, Faith Commander: Living Five Values from the Parables of Jesus, HOLY GHOST, Christian Movies Direct, NOWHERE SAFE, BELLA, EXPELLED documentary, Israel at War and many others.

  • Faith Driven Entertainment™ is a game changer delivering insight-driven results for the entertainment industry centered in new, comprehensively and sustainably differentiated solutions for consumer engagement.

    With nothing else like us in the entertainment space, Faith Driven Entertainment’s expertise and research—leveraging consumer, lifestyle and behavioral data—on the Faith Driven Consumer movement gives us unique insight into this rapidly emerging and economically powerful market segment that spends $2 trillion annually. We fuse big data with microtargeted and nuanced messaging to motivate and mobilize the Faith Driven Consumer™ community to action on behalf of our clients.

    • + Engagement with tens of millions of Faith Driven Consumers nationwide
    • + Deep understanding of target audiences within active Christian community, high-level expertise in consumer microtargeting and primary research
    • + Relationships with hundreds of top faith leaders in America including pastors, well-known authors, athletes, political leaders and ministry leaders
    • + Engagement with a network of nearly 160,000 churches in America
    • + For the purpose of delivering the highest value to the consumer, entertainment consulting services – from development through production and post-production to marketing and distribution and beyond
    • + Multi-level communications expertise in traditional advertising, new media engagement and public relations
    • + Proven leader in fundraising, e-commerce solutions, event management and personalized direct response campaigns
    • + Brand strategy consulting experience with major national brands
  • Research shows that 81 percent of the Faith Driven Consumer™ segment will switch brands if they discover that a brand is incompatible with their values.

  • In terms of annual US spending, the Faith Driven Consumer™ segment is nearly twice the size of the African American market, 2.5 times that of the LGBT market, three times the size of the Asian American market and ten times the size of the Muslim market.

  • While most American consumers are primarily motivated by factors such as cost, personal preference and convenience, the Faith Driven Consumer™ segment, which spends $2 trillion annually, is actively looking to commit to brands compatible with their beliefs, values and worldview.


Chris Stone announces FDE

CHRIS STONE, Founder of Faith Driven Consumer™. One of only 31 Certified Brand Strategists in America, Stone has nearly 20 years of experience building bridges between major brands and their target audiences. He is the national expert on Faith Driven Consumers and was the first to qualify and quantify this unique market segment. Faith Driven Consumer™ has been featured in more than 1,000 print, radio and television outlets, including such business, political, entertainment and advertising leaders as The Wall Street Journal, The Drudge Report, Variety and Adweek.

CARL TOWNSEND, Founder and President of InService America. Since 1985, InService America offers call center services, fulfillment, church movie nights and events to faith-based organizations and media ministries. Townsend has worked on five presidential campaigns, hundreds of congressional and senatorial races, served five former Southern Baptist presidents and represented leading faith-compatible clients such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Joyce Meyers, Dr. David Jeremiah, TD Jakes, U.S. Army Recruitment Command, NASCAR, National Football League and Promise Keepers.

  • Faith Driven Entertainment™ represents a sustainably differentiated solution for consumer engagement—allowing for the entertainment industry to mutually engage with TENS OF MILLIONS of economically powerful Faith Driven Consumers in a new and comprehensive way.

  • 54% of Faith Driven Consumers say that compatibility with Christian or biblical values is extremely important, compared to 16% of the general population.

  • 49% of Faith Driven Consumers would go to movies more often if there were more movies that explored questions about God.

  • 61% of African-Americans would invite a non-Christian friend to see a movie that explores questions about God, more than any other racial group.


Faith Driven Entertainment™ has offices in Raleigh, Lynchburg, Los Angeles and Miami

Mary Frances Coryell: (919) 390-6650


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