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3 of the Biggest Take Aways from Variety's Purpose Summit Came From...

Last week, at Variety's PURPOSE Summit, Faith Driven Entertainment hosted a panel called Winning the Pastor and the Pew, How to Get the Must Win Faith Driven Consumer Audience to endorse and support your project. 

You can still see the whole agenda here. 

Variety Editor-in-Chief Cynthia Littleton wrote a sweeping story about the take aways from the day, and 3 of the top ones came from Faith Driven Entertainment's spotlight panel. Not too shabby.

The headline: Faith-Based Content Community Takes Hard Look at Growing MarketHere are the big three. 

  • Derrick Williams, exec VP of TD Jakes Enterprises, said prominent pastors are definitely getting weary of Hollywood’s overtures for help in promoting projects. “They’re getting a little tired of people coming to them over and over again,” he said. “You have to have the right type of story and content that is being presented.”

  • Mark Ordesky, producer of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, said the bankability of strong faith-based stories has the potential to shore up the dwindling market for non-tentpole movies at the major studios. “The moderate-budget movie is on the verge of extinction at the major studios. You can bring it back with (movies in the vein of) ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus’ and ‘Chariots of Fire.’ 

  • John Shepherd, president of Mpower Pictures, said the studios are definitely listening to producers who come in with more than a pitch. “There’s real opportunity right now. The studios are open to it, you just have to go in with a marketing plan and say ‘We think we can deliver an audience based on this and this.’ 

  • While this was not covered in the piece, it bears noting that Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer pointed out that family and faith projects can succeed best when they target the Faith Driven Consumer market segment first. This group, 17% of US adults who spend $2 trillion annually, are the most dedicated audience behind these projects and can propel entertainment offerings to the wider Christian market and general audience. 

Read the full story here, we will be posting a video of the panel soon. Thanks to our panelists for an incredible job well done.