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Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Epic MegaFest Film Event Happens This Week, You Coming?

From August 19-23, 80,000 people will gather in Dallas for MegaFest. Faith Driven Entertainment’s Chris Stone and Larry Mortorff will be speaking on Movie Marketing and Financing at Bishop Jakes’ International Faith & Family Film Festival 

If you haven’t heard of MegaFest—hosted by our friend Bishop T.D. Jakes—then you should check your surroundings immediately to make sure you are not in a damp, dark place with walls made of rock and a single entrance where light comes through, known to many as a cave.

Wait, now you’re confused:  Are these Untapped Audience guys insulting me? We live a faith-driven life, so we’re not judging you. We’re simply pointing out the awkwardness of your current living circumstances when you could be living in an above-ground dwelling. That’s all—really! 

The next step to enlightenment is to watch this video, which gives you a quick peak.


Bottom line:  MegaFest is epic. Bishop Jakes rents out both the Dallas Convention Center and the American Airlines Arena and 80,000 people show up over five days. Built on the themes inspiration, empowerment, and entertainment, many of the leading voices in faith will be there to speak, share and participate. 

Given that this is an entertainment blog, we care most passionately about the International Faith and Family Film Festival (but don’t tell anyone—we’re going to sneak away to the “A Time to Laugh Comedy Show” and catch Lavell Crawford, Marcus Wiley and others). It’s loaded with films to screen, people to network with, and action-packed panels where you’ll want to whip out your iPad and start typing furiously.

 We have two experts on two panels who will be participating.


On THURSDAY, August 20, Faith Driven Consumer founder Chris Stone will be speaking from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Marketing in Faith, hosted by Debra Langford. 

DESCRIPTION:  While writing, directing or producing a faith-based film that appeals to a wide audience is the brass ring for most Christian filmmakers, the marketing of your project is the aspect upon which success most critically depends. Sit with some of the best established Marketing Specialists in the business and learn the ins-&-outs of how to activate the niche markets and drive audiences to fill theater seats and Netflix queues.  

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And then on FRIDAY, August 21, Faith Driven Entertainment Senior Advisor Larry Mortorff (an entertainment attorney who has been around long enough to qualify as Hollywood Royalty) will be speaking at from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Financing the Vision, hosted by Lee Papert.

DESCRIPTION:  Your idea is great. The script is strong. Though you have the makings of a first-rate film, it will never get off the ground without the necessary capital.  From independent investors to major motion picture studios, our Financial Experts will teach you the process of locating and securing the funds necessary to bring your movie project to life!

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We love coffee, and we love meeting other industry professionals, so if you are planning on being there, send an email to and let’s grab a cuppa joe.  


We’re looking forward to spending five days with 80,000 real members of the Untapped Audience. See you there?