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VIDEO: Variety’s Purpose Summit Recapped in One Word—Authenticity

LORD OF THE RINGS Producer Mark Ordesky wins awesome quote of the day contest (ok, we made that up, there was no such contest…but if there were, he would have won it) with this doozy: “It’s difficult to reverse engineer authenticity.”

It was an action-packed day filled with substance—conversation and interviews that left you scribbling as fast as your pen or iPad could carry you. A studio marketing veteran told us, “I didn’t get the faith and family genre, now I do. It’s about inclusion. It’s about being true to the audience you are trying to reach. It’s like the buzzword everyone was using—authenticity. We’ve got a diverse marketplace, and Faith Driven Consumers are a key vertical in the marketing rainbow that we need to reach.”

From the prolific Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, to consumer expert Chris Stone, to actor David Oyelowo, to senior executives from Sony, Samuel Goldwyn, Paramount, Universal, BET, 20th Century Fox, ABC, and many others, the day was about creating content that resonates with the core audience as the vehicle to a successful faith and family project.

And yes, Mark Ordesky (Court Five Entertainment) stole the show with his quote, “It’s difficult to reverse engineer authenticity.” In other words, tell your story right and be true to your audience.

Here’s the video of our panel—Winning the Pastor and the Pew: How to Get the Must-Win Faith Driven Consumer™ Audience to Endorse and Support Your Project. It features LORD OF THE RINGS producer Mark Ordesky, TJ Jakes Film & Entertainment Exec Derrick Williams, Faith Driven Consumer Founder Chris Stone, and MPower Pictures President John Shepherd.